Couples Therapy

Couples Img 1The good times fade as you drift apart.

That’s what happens when your relationship becomes “emotionally stale.”

Your lives have slowly become much less intertwined. Your interests, free time, friends, and activities don’t intersect as they used to.

As you live more and more in your respective worlds, you confide in each other less and less. Your “go-to” person might even be someone other than your husband, wife, or partner.

The passion and sexual intimacy…

… that once felt so good physically and emotionally is now completely gone, rare, or not so satisfying.

The interest just isn’t there.

And you notice… and it hurts.

And that pain turns into conflict.

Explosive arguments…

The silent treatment…

Avoiding each other…

Keeping the conversation superficial…

Anything might trigger these responses – however mundane or trivial.

And it’s hard because your ability to resolve conflict peacefully has gone down the drain.

1667342689When it feels this broken…

At least one of you probably doubts that your marriage or relationship can be fixed.

If you’re not having them already, you probably play out those “tough conversations” in your head – about how the relationship isn’t working or how the thrill isn’t there anymore.

You know you have to do something.

You’re in the right place.

Couples therapy can help you untangle the knots in your relationship.

Putting your head in the sand is not the answer. It won’t work.

If both of you are willing to work on the relationship, there’s a high probability things can get much better.

If one of you has already checked out or is already in another relationship, it would be healthy, albeit painful, to come clean with that so you both can work on letting go and moving forward with your separate lives.

No matter where you are in your relationship…

I’ll meet you there.

Let me give you a new perspective so that you can restore trust and intimacy in your relationship.

It’s time to reach out.

Call me today for your free consultation. Let’s talk: (610) 209-8571.