Healing Trauma and PTSD

250646827When your world keeps getting smaller and smaller…

Hijacked! That’s what it’s done to your confidence and emotional stability.

The racing thoughts and painful memories of the pain you’ve been through have taken over so many areas of your life.

Too often, you’re on guard, panicked, or have a general sense of impending doom.

You get very little sleep, and when you do, you often have horrible nightmares.

Nothing you’ve tried has helped, and you know things will only worsen unless you try something different.

I know you’re desperate for a safe exit.

You’re SO ready to get off this runaway train that’s robbing you of your joy.

Don’t give up!

I have good news for you: You CAN heal from trauma, and you can start your recovery right away.

Working through trauma takes time, effort, and resilience… but it’s worth it!

1989401633I want to hear and understand all you’ve been through.

In a safe space, we’ll process your traumatic memories so they no longer rule your life.

Using tools like EMDR and therapeutic exposure, you’ll learn strategies to help you calm your mind and body.

Together, we’ll work to change your thinking patterns and behaviors, so you can live the fulfilling and meaningful life you were meant to live.

We’re going to develop and implement an action plan tailored to your specific strengths and needs.

It’s time to reclaim your joy!

Release yourself from the burden of your past so you can fully embrace your future.

Find your passion with purpose and meaning again.

Connect more deeply with yourself and others.

It’s time to start living with the joy and confidence you deserve!

Get effective help… starting today. Call today for your free phone consultation: (610) 209-8571.