Individual Therapy

1013448865Life just isn’t working out as you had hoped.

You’re probably either in an unfulfilling job or not as productive as you once were.

And relationships are a struggle. It’s like there’s a huge wall between you and the people you care about.

Nothing seems to be going right. And it gets old… feeling like a failure. It’s no wonder you put yourself down all the time.

It’s like you’re in a well of despair… and you’re tired of holding out hope that you’ll ever get out.

There are consequences to losing all the joy in your life.

You already know what it feels like to worry all the time. You just CAN’T relax!

Your mind races… and your body is always tense. It feels like panic could be right around the corner.

It’s exhausting. Every day is exhausting. If only you could get a good night’s sleep!

2041651796Therapy is the way out of this rut.

Maybe you’ve tried it before but it didn’t help… or maybe it was helpful at the time but you fell back into your old patterns.

That’s not going to happen this time. Good therapy with the right therapist is effective and enduring.

You’ll get lasting results because you’ll learn skills to sustain your progress – like calming your body and challenging your negative thoughts before they consume you!

Therapy can be challenging, but it’s SO worth it. And I’ll be there with you every step of the way.

You might think you’re taking a risk here…

That negative voice inside is probably already telling you things like, “Therapy won’t work,” or “It’s too pricy.”

But you have to consider the risk of NOT doing something – for settling for a very UNSETTLING status quo that you KNOW isn’t working.

Aren’t you ready to create the life you really want?

Let’s get you to a better place. Call me today for your free consultation: (610) 209-8571.